Sunday, May 1, 2011

It all started with a free lunch....

A couple of months ago one of the lawyers that works with my department decided to display her extreme benevolence and provide a yummy lunch for us from Panera Bread. This is quality swag for my pit of despair employer, trust me.  Only, the email from our boss declaring this upcoming bounty of bountifulness had the typo of "Slad and Sadwiches" instead of "Salad and Sandwiches" as our intended menu.

Immediately I said, that's my blog name.

I have said some things before that I did not mean. For instance, when a Renaissance Faire enthusiast once told me I had "the perfect body for the gates of hell," (I did not know this was a garment's name at the time) I declared that I wanted that tattooed on my ass at once! I did not actually do it, my hiney remains ink free.

In short, my friends, this blog is a new thing for me. Maybe no one will read it, or maybe I will challenge TLo for their crown, though I seriously doubt the latter.  This may be the only time I ever write in it, or maybe I won't ever shut up.

I cannot promise you wisdom, humor, or insight, but I can promise you a fair amount of typos, a plethora of non sequitors, and a buttload of Oxford commas.

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